ULYSSIS CTF is a cybersecurity and hacking competition aimed at students of the Association KU Leuven, especially those with little or no prior experience.

20 teams of 3-4 students can take part on Tuesday 27 March 2018 from 19h until midnight on the first floor of the 200S building, Campus Arenberg, Heverlee.

There are many prizes for the top 3 teams, the best bachelor team and a prize raffle. Some of the prizes include a Nintendo Switch, a pocket-sized beamer, headphones and Raspberry Pis. Furthermore, every participant gets a T-shirt and a goodiebag full of goodies.

You can read more about the practicalities on our About and FAQ page. Please also read the rules, they are quite important.

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ULYSSIS CTF is made possible with the support from these companies and organisations:

EASI Imec Datacamp LOKO Mind Guardsquare

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